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The Musings of James Paddock

Sloth Shifter

Posted March 7, 2021

I was browsing through eBook offerings the other day and happened onto one having to do with a dragon shifter. That got me to thinking about the trend in fantasy fiction involving the various shapeshifters that appear to be popular. I actually read one by Nora Roberts just a few weeks back; The Awakening. Even though fantasy is not my normal genre, I do appreciate the quality of Nora’s writing. Read more...

The Angels of Maureen Turner

Posted February 16, 2021

What a world Maureen Turner creates in this fascinating series. Who would have thought that Angels could fall in love, or that we had Angels living among us? If you're not sure, just ask to see their wings. Are their wings white or are they black, and what exactly does that mean? From Malchediel to Lucifer, from the Warrior Angel to the Fallen Angel; what are they to each other and how are they different? The other question, the answer both surprising and not, who is Amy to them both? Read more...

Angels are not allowed to fall in love with Mortals

Posted November 23, 2020

Angels are not allowed to fall in love with Mortals. If Malchediel had been told those words as he was sent off on a mission, most definitely not of his choosing, he would have laughed all the way to Earth. His intent was to do what he had been ordered to do so as to be able to return to what he really loved, what he was good at. He was a Warrior Angel, not a baby-sitter. Read more...

Monti Gets Shot in the Head

Posted November 22, 2020

Peter Montissori, better known as Monti to his buddies in blue, was Montana born and raised, now Colorado employed as a Denver police officer. On the day he killled a young man he steps in between his wife and the young man's father who has a gun intent on revenge, and takes a bullet to his head. He's alive, but after only three weeks on the job he finds that his srcambled brain is anything but ready to go back onto the force . . . ever. Read more...

PRISM... Intrigue Stretching from California to Canada

Posted July 15, 2020

Debra Randall is gone. Her father, her boyfriend, her best friend—all the men who love her, each in their own way—are devastated. Has she only run away or has something much more dire befallen her? From California to Canada, the search goes on. Read more...

First Breath… a story that will leave you breathless

Posted July 13, 2020

Who are they, these Indie Authors of the world; specifically, who are they who write fiction… the story tellers? With simple words on paper they manage to create entirely new worlds into which readers can escape to discover great friends, unbeatable heroes and fantastic lovers, where another entire parallel universe comes alive. Read more...

The Puzzle

Posted January 31, 2020

This is a 14 day challenge beginning Jaunuary 31st, ending the moment my newest release goes live on Amazon on February 14th. The plot involves a puzzle that leads our characters to a $3,000,000 prize hidden somewhere in the mountains in the western United States. It's fictional of course, or at at least the money is fictional. The puzzle will actually take you to the location, if you can solve it. Read more...

I Hate Typos

Posted March 23, 2019

For those who have published in excess of, just to select a number, 3 books, have you ever gone back and read the first one in search of grammatical errors? How about after 6 books, or 10? When I finished my 12th title a few years back, put it to bed you might say, I felt a restlessness; not ready to start another but needing to do something in my craft to stay busy. Read more...

Saving Ebony: A Nail-Biting Page Turner

Posted Sepember 4, 2018

Here it is now on Amazon's digital bookshelf, Saving Ebony, The Story of Ebony Rose. I'm excited because it is the first time that one of my books has hit the market with a smashing review already under its belt. The amazing, Richard Devall, gives his honest opinion. Read more...

Smilodon - The Trilogy of Sabre-Toothed Cats

Posted August 19, 2018 (Revised from original post September 1, 2011)

The original Smilodon was published in 2002. Notice that the cover has changed. Along with that came a thorough edit and re-edit of the entire book for typos and story consistency. Thus is the NEW and IMPROVED Smilodon. Read more...

Cool Characters Can Be Found In My Birth City

Posted August 15, 2018 (Revised from original post October 27, 2011)

While southbound for home at the end of our vacation in August of 2011, we passed through Butte, Montana, the city in which I was born and from where have come some strange and cool characters. Has anyone heard of Evel Knievel or Martha Raye? As I stood at the historic marker and snapped the photographs that created the image above, I thought about the scenes from my novel, Angels in the Mist, which took place along several of Butte’s city streets and local businesses. Read more...

10+ Online Resources for Writers

Posted August 13, 2018 (Revised from original post Septermber 16, 2011)

There are a number of links to online resources for writers that I keep on my desktop while I’m writing. They include several different kinds of dictionaries, of course, as well as Sun & Moon data, the Almanac, a name generator, and more. I’d love to learn what resources other writers use.

Characters and Timelines

Posted August 13, 2018 (Revised from original post August 22, 2011)

What methods do you employ in your novels to keep your characters and timelines, as well as scenes and events, straight? How do you make sure when you give a character green eyes in chapter 3 that you didn’t give her blue eyes in chapter 30, or that you don’t have your villain driving a ’98 Ford Explorer in one scene and a ‘98 Ford Expedition in another? Read more...

I've Stopped Writing and now I'm Getting Itchy Fingers

Posted August 13, 2018 (Revised from original post August 24, 2011)

In the words of fellow writer, Julie Anne Lindsey, in her blog, Musings From The Slush Pile, finishing a full manuscript is a monumental event. It is so monumental that after self-publishing my first 3 in 2002 I went on to finish another 4 full manuscripts (novels) over the following 9 years. Read more...

Who Remembers the Montauk Monster?

Posted August 12, 2018 (Revised from original post August 29, 2011)

One question I am sure to get anytime I do a reading or happen into a conversation with a non-writer about writing is, “Where are your sources of story ideas?” I ask you this: “What was that Montauk Monster that washed up on the Long Island beach back in 2008?” Read more...

Who is Dusty Books?

Posted August 12, 2018 (Revised from original post August 20, 2011)

Dusty Books is not about dusty books… or at times it can be if we are talking about a book that has been on the shelf gathering dust for some time. You could say it is about books we have read which now gather dust, or it is about some of us with more years behind us than ahead, who are maybe just sitting around with a lifetime of stories within us gathering our own dust. Read more...


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