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The Musings of James Paddock
Saving Ebony: A Nail-Biting Page Turner

Posted Sepember 4, 2018

Saving Ebony by James PaddockHere it is now on Amazon’s digital bookshelf, Saving Ebony, The Story of Ebony Rose. I’m excited because it is the first time that one of my books has hit the market with a smashing review already under its belt. The amazing, Richard Devall, author of Old Letters and New Demons: Where History Meets Mystery, agreed to receive a complimentary copy in exchange for his honest opinion.

Review of Saving Ebony from Richard Devall…

James Paddock doesn’t just tell you a story about saving an eight year old’s life from a psychopath. He grabs you by the collar and pulls you in so deep that the chair you’re sitting in disappears and the walls and the floor no longer exist. The only thing that matters is turning the next page and finding out what the bad guys going to try next, and what will the US Marshals, and Rusty and Ariana do in response to keep Ebony safe.

Wow! That was all I could say.

The story begins on the third day of Rusty Edward’s weeklong hike through Montana’s Bob Marshal Wilderness. He is looking out toward a storm looming in the distance when suddenly there’s a huge plane coming directly at him across the trees and then nothing. He comes awake some time later with a dead woman on his chest.

And so that’s where Saving Ebony opens. It’s the afternoon of August 18, 2018.

I awake as though rising from a bog, both fighting off and trying to hold onto a dream or a nightmare, pushing at what feels like weeds in my face, in my nose, my mouth, my throat; spitting . . . spitting. But they’re way too thin for weeds. They're more like . . . cobwebs! Thin and wispy.

Like a spider's kingdom.

The four words pass through my mind and then something clears or there comes an edge of awareness, an inkling of understanding of space, of air, of the odor of smoke and something else.


With that thought comes a heartbeat of relief. What I take to be a kingdom of cobwebs must certainly be Ariana's hair. I so love Ariana and her beautiful red hair. I lift an eyelid and find to my horror that the hair is blond and . . . sticky-looking, like something has been dribbled into it. I stop breathing for a few seconds, thinking, feeling my heart beating. I inhale slowly, deeply, compare the odor with what I’m seeing and tasting. Ariana's hair is red, not blonde, and this hair, this woman who has hair that is not Ariana's, smells of smoke and blood.

I blink over and over to be sure that I'm awake, not falling deeper into a nightmare, sense more real world around me and the weight of the person who is not Ariana lying heavy upon my chest. I also sense that her body is cold.



Rusty loves Ariana, the only person, outside of his maternal grandmother, for whom he has ever had strong feelings until, that is, he finds an 8-year-old girl trapped in a toilet of the crashed airliner; the sole survivor. She says her name is Amber. With several days hike to civilization, he chooses to wait for rescue, but the horse and rider who show up the next day are anything but. Rusty hears the rider before he sees him and learns that the man is there only to ensure that Amber and her mother are dead.

More about Saving Ebony from Richard Devall…

Saving Ebony is the kind of read you want when you’re at the beach, or trapped in a cabin in a snow storm, or maybe just want an internal vacation on a Wednesday night. It’s an all-weather read. It whisks you away and makes you forget about gravity. It’s a rare find, a nail biting page turner – one you become vested in because the characters are likeable.

Amber soon admits that her real name is Ebony Rose and she and her mommy were on the run, and then, following a series of unfortunate circumstances, so are Rusty and Ariana. From Montana to Nevada to Los Angeles then Hawaii and Florida, the three take on new names and entirely new personalities in hopes that they can stay below the radar of a hired killer.

Even more from Richard Devall…

I’d recommend this book to anyone with a heartbeat. It cast a wide net and has a broad appeal. It’s a universal story told with skill and maintains suspense. The audience can be anyone of any age and your ethnicity and sexual preference and who you voted for doesn’t matter because if you’re human you’ll like it. It does what a book should do, gives your head a break and delivers you into the world of entertainment. This guy knocked it out of the park and has a new fan.

Are Rusty and Ariana destined to give up their Montana lives forever, burdened and blessed with an eight-year-old daughter, or will another unfortunate turn of events have them running again?

Saving Ebony certainly is a Nail-Biting Page-Turner. Check out the sample.


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