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The Musings of James Paddock
I Hate Typos!

Posted March 23, 2019

My list of common errors. Feel free to comment with your common typos that drive you crazy. I may even add it to the list.

a while vs. awhile however - with or without semicolon pickup vs. pick up
accept vs. except insure vs. ensure vs. assure pore vs. pour vs. poor
advice vs. advise its vs. it's pray vs. prey
allude vs. elude latter vs. later road vs. rode
already vs. all ready lead vs. led role vs. roll
alright vs. all right lightening vs. lightning sight vs. site vs. cite
bare vs. bear loose vs. lose Sir vs. sir
brake vs. break Ma'am vs. ma'am sole vs. soul
breakdown vs. break down may be vs. maybe stationary vs. stationery
breathe vs. breath midst vs. mist tased vs. tasered
chose vs. choose mute vs. moot vane vs. vain vs. vein
council vs. counsel pear vs. peer vs. pair vs. pier waist vs. waste
desert vs. dessert peek vs. peak vs. pique you're vs. your
effect vs. affect personal vs. personnel  



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