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The Musings of James Paddock
Monti Gets Shot in the Head

Posted November 22, 2020

Peter Montissori, better known as Monti to his buddies in blue, was Montana born and raised, now Colorado employed as a Denver police officer. On the day he killled a young man he steps in between his wife and the young man's father who has a gun intent on revenge, and takes a bullet to his head. He's alive, but after only three weeks on the job he finds that his srcambled brain is anything but ready to go back onto the force . . . ever.

His memory flickers on and off as his body goes through its healing process. As people show up to give him support, he finds it a struggle to remember who they are--his wife, his brother, his mother--but remember he eventually does and then he starts remembering other things. The guy he thinks he saw kissing his wife . . . is that the guy who shot him in the head?

The struggle back to some semblance of normal keeps on until----

Sorry, don't want to give too much away. Memory Book is a short, fast read (just over 60,000 words) with some very interesting twists. It is the first book, an introduction to Monti, his family and friends, in a planned 6-book series, or more. Book 2, Bound by Secrets, was recently released.

Early in Bound by Secrets, two men lie dead at the entrance to the Polverini Museum; the robber, whose intent was to pull off the perfect heist, and the homeowner, whose intent, it seemed, was to pull off the perfect insurance fabrication. A botched robbery, the police conclude; case closed except for the unknown identity of the robber, John Doe. What they don’t know is that John Doe had a partner and she is quite alive and in deep mourning over the death of the man she loved, while trying to decide what to do with her life and the Cerise la Grâce Diamant (Cherry Grace Diamond) with which she walked away. The only other person who knows of her existence is the homeowner’s widow, and the widow wants the woman found, her motive other than what you might be thinking.

Don’t tell the police, she instructs Monti who is faced with his first case as a newly licensed private investigator. She insists that he keep it a secret. As Monti steps through his investigation, he begins uncovering other secrets that have been buried for decades, secrets that maybe should or should not remain buried, depending on your point of view.

Memory Book and Bound by Secrets

Memory Book and Bound by Secrets will keep you entertained. They can be obtained together on Amazon.


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James Paddock is author, novelist, playwright and stage actor, not to mention husband, father, proud grandfather and very proud great-grandfather of many beautiful and intelligent children. Still calling Montana his home, James spends his twilight years writing novels, short stories and plays, in between walking Florida beaches, playing pool and hanging out with his wonderful wife, Penny.


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