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CJ Washburn, P.I. Book Bundle

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Readers of CJ Washburn have enjoyed his growth from his days as a private investigator in Tucson, Arizona to getting involved in the murder of two children during his honeymoon in New Zealand. That's right, CJ is a romantic kind of guy, or at least he tries, falling in love with his assistant, the charming Stella Summers. Somewhere in the middle of running from the Tucson Police he pops the question. "Let’s go to Las Vegas and get married." Stella's response... "What!" His timing could certainly have been better. His cases, or it should be said, their cases, jump from Arizona to Idaho to Florida to the Islands of New Zealand on the other side of the world. With this great 4-book set you can take the entire ride with CJ and Stella.

Deserving of Death
Women’s bodies keep turning up and CJ becomes a person of interest, then the prime suspect, the subject of a manhunt from the Idaho panhandle to Southern Arizona. Bodies continue to drop around him until his deepest fear is pushed upon him and his investigative skills are challenged at the highest level.

Sailing into Death
Find Douglas no matter what, CJ is told. It’s off to Florida where he finds him dead. With the FBI, HLS, Interpol and who knows who else involved, can CJ and Stella figure out who killed Douglas and what it all has to do with his being born in the middle of the Battle of the Bogside in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1969?

Angel of Death
Did Jesper Monnier die at his own hand or was it the young man who the twins hustled on the pool table in Atlantic City, or a jealous boyfriend, or a disgruntled employee of the huge superyacht? Or was it someone else altogether? Are CJ and Stella, now P.I. partners, actually going to get married?

Never Surrender to Death
CJ and Stella, are on their honeymoon in New Zealand when they find themselves embroiled in the search for a murderer of children. From Auckland and Papatoetoe to National Park on North Island, across Cook Strait to South Island and on down to Christchurch, they pursue both the killer and their honeymoon.

What Readers Say:

"Deserving of Death is a wild ride of suspense and heart pounding action. I loved this book and highly recommend to everyone who loves a great mystery and crime story. Well done, James Paddock. Well done." Unknown Kindle Reader

"This book is multi-layered, smoothly written and tucked into the heart of the action is a great love story. I'm a fan and can't wait until the next CJ Washburn book comes out." Alliji

"James Paddock has become a masterful writer. His words can make us feel the heat of the Tucson desert sun and the cool trickle of a cold beer down our throats. I could feel my stomach twisting with tension as CJ (his protagonist) gets in more trouble than he is likely to get out of without doing a stint in an Arizona prison or buried somewhere in its vast desert.

This story managed to grab my attention from the word 'go' and held on all the way through. It made me want to skip work, but I didn't. I went to work, but managed to come home early just to get back to this story."
Alan Black

"I LOVED this story. The blend of humour and drama was beautifully done, and the relationship between CJ and Stella was really enjoyable. This was the first crime book I had read by this author (having only read the amazing 'Smilodon' trilogy before) and I am eager to read more." Reading is bliss...

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