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Memory Book

Memory Book 

The brain is a powerful organ. Without it, nothing else works, and it doesn’t like to be messed with. Early in the morning of April 10th, Peter Montessori finds out what a bullet can do, and not do, to his frontal cortex. It certainly could have been worse. All of his bodily functions work just fine, except for his memory. Who is that woman who calls herself his mother? Nathan calls him Bro. He has a brother? Ed’s a woman? She’s a police officer?

He does remember Alison, his beautiful wife.

He questions himself. “I’m a police officer . . . was?”

There are so many questions and as fast as he finds the answers, he forgets them. To overcome it, he creates a Memory Book where he records the chronology of his life as it comes to him. As his braincells improve, what he begins remembering he’s wishing he could forget.

“I killed Tommie Groover!?”

“Who’s that guy kissing Alison?”

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