No Swimming

Paperback - eBook - Hardcover

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No Swimming(An Anthology)

A collection of short shorts and long shorts, humorous, sad, thought provoking and
by all means, interesting.

  • Kids go in and never come out
  • The attack of the one-eyed killer gator
  • What caused the casket lid to slam shut?
  • Lipstick and perfume trump a dented fender
  • Who has the last remaining pencil in the world?
  • An Arizona desert hike with unexpected results
  • Does a little girl listen to her father’s last breath?
  • A South Carolina bride struggles as a Montana wife
  • A waiting room between heaven and the next life
  • A kitten named Hodgepodge and a girl named Laughter
  • A young lady gives her grandfather a lesson in understanding
  • The last photograph at a wedding reception that goes terribly wrong
  • Who is more twisted, him for how he treats her, her for sticking around?
INCLUDES a bonus novella: Hot Roast Beef with Mustard. A race down a Nevada highway reveals answers to questions she didn't know she had.

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