Deserving of Death

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(CJ Washburn, PI Book 1)

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One might say that CJ Washburn is obsessed with Stella Summers. After all, common sense all but takes flight when she goes missing for a time. How could he not think to check his email or voice mail or not find the note she had left in his apartment? He runs to the scene of a body dump in fear that it is her, possibly the third victim in what appears to be turning into a serial killing rampage.

"And this guy calls himself a private investigator?"

A private investigator he is, and a good one at that. However, women's bodies keep turning up and by the fourth victim he becomes a person of interest; by the fifth, the prime suspect and the subject of a manhunt from the Idaho panhandle to Southern Arizona. Bodies continue to drop around him until his deepest fear is pushed upon him and his investigative skills are challenged at the highest level. In a message from the killer he learns that the next victim will be one of the women in his life; his daughter, his girlfriend, his attorney or even his ex-wife. Who is the next target of this deranged killer?

What Readers Say:

"Things can only get worse for CJ as this crime novel moves swiftly along with many twists and turns. A very engaging story, one you won't want to put down. Highly recommend." Nancy of Utah

"This book is multi-layered, smoothly written and tucked into the heart of the action is a great love story." Alliji "God's Girl"

"Deserving of Death is a wild ride of suspense and heart pounding action. I loved this book and highly recommend to everyone who loves a great mystery and crime story." REgina

"...a compelling story concerning cops, ex-cops and serial killers. The story is well done and will make it difficult to put down at 2:30 AM, which is what I had to contend with! Paddock's writing style keeps you involved with each character, as they fight the seemingly unfightable." D. Beltran

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