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The Musings of James Paddock

Who is Dusty Books?

Posted August 12, 2018 (Revised from original post August 20, 2011)

Dusty Books is not about dusty books… or at times it can be if we are talking about a book that has been on the shelf gathering dust for some time. You could say it is about books we have read which now gather dust, or it is about some of us with more years behind us than ahead, who are maybe just sitting around with a lifetime of stories within us gathering our own dust. Dusty Books was originally the news platform for Desert Bookshelf Publishing, a small business owned and operated by the writer of this blog, James Paddock… author, novelist, entrepreneur, husband, father and grandfather of many beautiful and intelligent children. I’d mention how many but every time I turn around there seems to be another one. Dusty Books has now taken on a new look, now under the umbrella of James Paddock Novels with the title of Mushing of James Paddock.

A retired (2011) graphic designer, my passion is writing novels, recently finishing my 17th. I will be introducing them in future blogs. Meanwhile, check out my online newspaper, James Paddock Writing Daily. A new issue hits the digital press about 1:00 PM every day. I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep reading, keep writing, keep having fun.


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Who is
James Paddock?
James Paddock
James Paddock is author, novelist, playwright and stage actor, not to mention husband, father, proud grandfather and very proud great-grandfather of many beautiful and intelligent children. Still calling Montana his home, James spends his twilight years writing novels, short stories and plays, in between walking Florida beaches, playing pool and hanging out with his wonderful wife, Penny.


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