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The Musings of James Paddock
The Puzzle ~ A 14 Day Challenge

Posted January 31, 2020

Webbed Secrets by James PaddockThis is a 14 day challenge beginning Jaunuary 31st, ending the moment my newest release goes live on Amazon on February 14th. The plot involves a puzzle that leads our characters to a $3,000,000 prize hidden somewhere in the mountains in the western United States. It's fictional of course, or at at least the money is fictional. The puzzle could actually take you to the location, if you can solve it.

The challenge: Can you solve the puzzle before the book is released? If you are the first to provide me with the location, I'll reward you with either a free Kindle version or autographed paperback of Webbed Secrets: Ten Pennies to a Dime.

Here is the puzzle exactly as the Characters, Becky and Ryan, receive it:

Elijah       395-1122
Greg         580-3252
Todd         566-3141
Fiona        478-2341
Traci        108-7022
Jeff          513-8462
Eric          180-3861
Caleb        723-8741
Luke         013-2752

the guard of the kingdom must
prepare the pump so as to first pair
then order the omega residing among us
the chord of death leads to the cord of life
both are wrong in the well of knowledge and
the reckoning of numbers so as is 97
and 73 we are unique among ourselves
though we hang where we don’t belong
where lcc bangs west upon which
we achieve our rewarding climb
reaching into our roots we may find
the color of success is also
the color of failure
or not if at the beginning

The days are counting down. Anyone who solves it I will officially declare a genius. Only the first genius, though, gets the prize. Again, the puzzle solving contest ends the moment the Kindle version is released on Amazon. Good luck to you all. I look forward to seeing your solutions in the comment section below. Maybe I'll throw you a hint, but then, maybe I won't.

And, no, you don't actually have to physically go there. This time of year I would highly NOT recommend it.

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Daily Hints:

Day 1
They are not phone numbers.

Day 2
'prepare the pump'
I remember, as a youngster, carrying a bucket of water
out to the well pump to do this.

Day 3
'order the omega residing among us'
In the Greek alphabet Omega (Ω) is kind of like our Z
if you're thinking of its position.

Day 4
What does '73 and 97' have in common with 'prepare the pump'?

Day 5
Guard of the kingdom. There must be a synonym. Let's see...
watch, guardian, keeper, warden, sentry, SENTINEL, watchman, patrol, vedette

Day 6
I'm not hearing your thoughts. Tell me what you're thinking in the comment section below or if you want to share with the world, comment on the FB post.

If cord is wrong and chord is wrong, what would be right? Is there a third homonym? Oh, right! There's that one that speaks of a location on the earth based on a set of COORDinates. That makes days 2, 3 & 4 very important.

One other thing; you only need the first seven lines to come up with the COORDinates, the solution you are seeking here. The remainder of the
puzzle is for our characters to solve once they are on location.
For you, hiking boots are not required, nor recommended.

Day 7
Just curious.
Did anyone pick up on the location on Green Mountain
just west of Boulder, Colorado?

Elijah       395-1122
Greg         580-3252
Todd         566-3141
Fiona        478-2341
Traci        108-7022
Jeff          513-8462
Eric          180-3861
Caleb        723-8741
Luke         013-2752

That (sort of) converts to:
39° 58' 56.47" N 105° 18' 7.01" W

Don't get excited. Ever hear of a RED HERRING?
At least now, you know what you are looking for.

Day 8
Consider the last two words in line 2. 'first pair'. First pair of what?
Isn't that what we just did on Day 7, sort of?
How about the first three words of that same line... 'prepare the pump'.
I talked about that on Day 4.

Day 9
If you are still stumped, 73 and 97 are PRIME examples
of where we're going with this. Looking at Elijah, it's not 39, nor is it 95 or 51.
The fourth PAIR is 11. Is that a PRIME number?

Day 10
Summary of 8 & 9.
We are looking for COORDinates based on PRIME (prepare the pump) numbers,
the FIRST PAIR. Can you take it from there?

Hit the comment below and let me know what you're thinking?
Is it starting to come together? Would love to hear from you.

Day 11
Did you forget about the hint on Day 3?

Day 12
I'm starting to run out of hints. PLEASE! Someone tell me where this is all pointing.
What state was I born in and what does it have to do with Day 5?
Oh, it's possible it might have some thing to do with a mountain.

Day 13
The last seven lines are for when you are actually standing at the location, so as far as this blog post is concerned, they're not applicable. You'll have to read the story to see how it applies for Becky and Ryan, our main characters.


Meanwhile, do you see the difference?
Back to Day 3 again.

Elijah Greg Todd Fiona Traci Jeff Eric Caleb Luke
Fiona Caleb Eric Todd Luke Jeff Greg Elijah Traci

Day 14
And so it ends. Webbed Secrets is live today, February 14th, 2020.
Seeing as you can read the book now to find the answer, the challenge is closed.
Still appreciate your comments.


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