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The Musings of James Paddock
Angels are not allowed to fall in love with Mortals

Posted November 23, 2020

Angels are not allowed to fall in love with Mortals. If Malchediel had been told those words as he was sent off on a mission, most definitely not of his choosing, he would have laughed all the way to Earth. His intent was to do what he had been ordered to do so as to be able to return to what he really loved, what he was good at. He was a Warrior Angel, not a baby-sitter. How thoroughly demeaning. He didn’t deserve this.

Malchediel, Warrior Angel by Maureen TurnerBut this girl, Amy, this mortal, is not fully mortal. She is half angel, a Nephilim girl, and she has no clue. When her parents died, much too young, they’d yet to tell her what she was, that she had powers, certain that they were protecting her from an evil force of Fallen Angels. Thus, is the reason that Malchediel is sent to protect her. An angry Fallen Angel has discovered Amy’s existence, whose daughter she was, and wants revenge.

When Malchediel appears in her art shop, seemingly out of thin air, his wings folded away so as to appear as nothing more than a golden-haired surfer, there comes a spark, a mixture of attraction and irritation on her part, amusement on his. She is so innocent that he is flummoxed on how to tell her of his mission. And so, the story unfolds into one of anticipation from page to page. How will she find out who he really is, what she really is, who her mother really was?

Maureen Turner is an artist in weaving us through this story of growing attraction, then love between an Angel and a Nephilim, between an immortal and a mortal. How could it possibly work? This first in a three-book series will pull you along. Malchediel, Warrior Angel is a great read and I look forward to the other two, Amy, Nephilim Freedom Fighter and Lucifer After the Fall. Where will this go as Amy finds her place as a Nephilim Freedom Fighter?

Wings Unfurled (3 Book Series)

Wings Unfurled (3 Book Series) by Maureen Turner



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