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The Musings of James Paddock

I've Stopped Writing and now I'm Getting Itchy Fingers   

Posted August 13, 2018 (Revised from original post August 24, 2011)

In the words of fellow writer, Julie Anne Lindsey, in her blog, Musings From The Slush Pile, finishing a full manuscript is a monumental event. It is so monumental that after self-publishing my first 3 in 2002 I went on to finish another 4 full manuscripts (novels) over the following 9 years. You might notice that publishing was not mentioned with those last four. The fact that I finished them was, at the time, monumental enough. With each one, my #1 editor would devour it with red pen and highlighter in hand. I’d then make the repairs before burying it in the recesses of my digital cave. I’d then idle for a while before getting itchy fingers at which time I'd start on the next one.

It was in May of 2011 when I finished the last of those four and decided it was time to clean up the digital cave, open the drapes, sweep out the cobwebs. It was time for some serious editing and formatting of all my titles.

“How did that work for you?” you ask.

Actually, it worked great. By the end of 2011 all 7 titles were available on Kindle as well as Nook and most of the other ebook readers, by way of Smashwords. For those still hooked on the feel of a book in their hands, CreateSpace assisted in the paperback versions followed by Barnes & Noble's Nook hardcover a few years later. WOW! What a great feeling to have an entire shelf full of hardcover books with my name on the spine.

So where am I now some 16 years down the road from that beginning in 2002? I just finished my 17th title. That's 15 novels, a novella and a collection of short stories.

As I wrap up this last one, Saving Ebony, I find my fingers are, once again, getting itchy. I’ve made mental and digital notes of new story ideas and am becoming anxious to explore the possibilities.

Before long it's going to be time to start scratching.


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